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Our invitation to you...

Come and join us for a relaxing trek around the countryside on our working farm, here in North Yorkshire.

Take a couple of hours out of your usual routine to come and experience the true beauty of these enchanting animals.

We welcome families, small groups or individuals.
Special occasions can be catered for, eg birthdays, Mothers Day, Hen parties or an anniversary.
If the trek is for a special occasion why not include afternoon tea with the alpacas too?
(Starting Spring 2020).

Alpacas originate from South America where they are bred for their luxurious fleece.
Alpacas are a member of the camelid family. Camels are the largest, then llamas, with alpacas being the smallest.
Their fleece is highly regarded in the textile industry, but that's not why we keep these wonderful animals.
We keep them because, quite simply, we are addicted to them!
Alpacas are gentle, intelligent and curious animals.  They will respond to your mood and behaviour and are regularly used to work with children and adults with additional needs.


Who else lives here with our alpacas?

Your visit may coincide with lambing time.

We breed Ryeland sheep here at Elmet Alpacas, you may be here to see the miracle of new life taking place!

We also have our resident Pygmy goats, Petal and Daisy, and several sheep who have a special place in our hearts for differing reasons, and will therefore live out their days here with us.

All our animals are used to being treated with respect and they respond by being calm and well mannered...usually.

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