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Alpaca trekking

What to expect from your trekking visit...


Our walk start times can usually be arranged to suit, although we do not schedule treks in very hot weather.


Upon arrival we wil go through some basic information abour how to get the best from your visit. 

The walks usually last about an hour dependant on route and are taken at a very gentle pace.

Once back in the farmyard there will be an opportunity for photos and the chance to offer your companion their favourite treat, which will be provided.

To round off your visit you may wish to sample a drink and tasty treat served from the Old Dairy.

Your visit will probably last around 2 hours.


You will be walking around our fields so sturdy, preferably waterproof footwear is always advised, whatever time of year that you visit.

The walk is taken at a very steady pace, but due to it being over uneven ground it is not suitable for wheelchair users, pushchairs or anyone with mobility difficulties.

Like all livestock, alpacas can kick out if they are startled, therefore alpaca trekking is not suitable for children under 9, unless the child is a baby and their parent is using a baby carrier. Pushchairs are not permitted as the alpacas would be very unsettled and probably would refuse to walk.  

Children aged 9 years and over will only be able to lead an alpaca if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Strictly NO DOGS allowed on the farm.

Although we don't have wheelchair access around the fields, we are working to improve our facilities for those who aren't able to join in on a trek.

We have wheelchair accessible toilets and craft room /refreshments room and will have a wheelchair accessible viewing area by Spring 2020.

Many people with additional needs are able to enjoy walking with our alpacas if accompanied by a responsible adult.

Alpaca trekking is definitely not a spectator sport so all our visitors arriving with a trekking party are expected to participate!

Please give me a call to discuss your visit. 


With our wonderfully varied British climate we can never be ensured of a dry day.   We walk in drizzle and light rain, but in the event of heavy rain or high winds, we will either wait to see if the rain passes over, or try to reschedule for another day.

Waterproof clothing is advised, even if there's the slightest hint of rain, and sturdy, waterproof boots are advisable no matter what time of year.  We are walking in the countryside and the ground will be uneven and may be wet and muddy.  It'd be a shame to spoil your visit by wearing the wrong foot waer. Anyone wearing heeled footwear, sandals or flip flops will not be able to participate.

Gloves, not mittens, hats and scarves are advisable in cold weather. 

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